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ESD Protection

Built-in safety devices for electrostatic discharge (ESD) control are available for IAC industrial workbenches and carts on which static sensitive electronics components are assembled, tested, and transported.
IAC ESD industrial workbenches include the following:

  • Rounded edges on work surfaces. A rolled front edge (180°), featured on IAC premium and industrial workbenches, protects against lifting, chipping and other damage to the ESD-safe laminate at a sharp-edged seam.
  • Static-dissipative laminates on work surfaces and shelves – IAC uses two (3M and Nevamar®).
  • Stainless steel ESD grounding lugs built into the work surface.
  • Optional personnel grounding wrist straps and ground blocks.

Typical IAC Grounding Components

ESD Testing

All IAC static-dissipative work surfaces, shelves and ground bolts are pre-tested at the factory.

Using a megohmmeter the surface resistance should measure between 1 megohmm 106 and 1,000 megohms 109 at 50% relative humidity. At 10% relative humidity, resistance increases one order in magnitude 1x 1010 at 90% relative humidity or higher, resistance decreases one order in magnitude 1x 105. IAC uses a 3M Model 701 Megohmmeter.

Using a multi-meter perform a standard continuity test between the ground stud that is connected to the laminate of the work surface or shelf and end of the ground cord. The resistance should measure approximately 1 megohm. Note: The IAC work surface ground cord include a 1 megohm resistor built in.

Load Capacity Information

Complete Accessorized Premium and Industrial Workbenches

When load capacity is discussed in this catalog it references the capacity for the entire premium or industrial workbench. This includes not only loads placed on the work surface, but also the weights contributed by any shelves, cabinets, or other accessories attached to the premium or industrial workbench and the items placed on or in those accessories.

Care should be given to total weight of all accessories added to the premium or industrial workbench and the anticipated materials to be carried on the work surface when configuring your order. Your IAC representative can be of assistance in calculating total load bearing capabilities.

Total Load Capacities for Standard Catalog Products:

  • Dimension 4 = 750 lbs/340kg
  • D4 Adjustable Height = 500 lbs/220kg
  • Workmaster 1000 lbs/450kg
  • All American Adjustable Height Models = 500 lbs/220kg
  • All American 4 Legged = 1000lbs/450kg

Work surfaces

In general, load capacity as applied to the work surface assumes weights evenly distributed over the entire work surface. For example, a workbench with a 1000 pound capacity will bear that weight when evenly distributed; some deflection will occur if that entire load were concentrated in the center of the work surface. Dimension 4 Premium Workstations offer a heavy duty upgrade for work surfaces that allow loads to be less evenly distributed on the work surface without deflection (total load capacity is not increased).

Powder Coat Paint

IAC Workstations feature state-of-the-art, electrostatic, powder coat paint finishes. Applied in our factory, these finishes are oven-baked to enhance color consistency and durability. Compared to typical spray paint finishes, IAC powder coat paint is far more resistant to chipping flaking and peeling

ESD paint is available on request. Please consult our sales consult.


  1. Rust inhibitor undercoat is recommended for overseas shipments.
  2. Contrast paint must be specified when ordering drawers, cabinets and electrical options on all workstations except Dimension 4.
Properties Test
Specific Gravity ASTM D792 1.2 to 2.0
Semi-Gloss (60 degrees) ASTM D523 5%
Textured (60 degrees) ASTM D523 2-100%
Semi-Gloss ASTM D2794 up to 60 in. lbs.
Textured ASTEM D2794 up to 160 in. lbs.
Flexibility ASTEM D1737 180°F, 1/4 mandrel
Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363  
Edge Coverage MPTM 5  
Cross Hatch Adhesion ASTM D3359 method B  
Salt Spray ASTM B117  
Humidity/Resistance ASTM D2247  


All test unless otherwise noted, were performed on 24 gauge (Bonderite 1000) panels electrostatically applied at 1.8 to 2.2 mils

Note: Due to printing limitations, some color swatches represented here do not accurately match true paint color. Please consult our sales consultant to see actual paint samples of color is critical.