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Height Adjustable Workbench

Height Adjustable Workbenches

  • Our Height Adjustable workbench is a hand crank hydraulic adjustable height workstation with a 12-inch adjustment range, from 30" to 42".

  • Accessory items such as slotted vertical supports for shelving and lighting, and electrical channels mounted to the worksurface adjust up and down in unison with worksurface.

  • A cantilever support system, housing the hydraulic lifters, provides maximum leg room, while the bolted steel channel frame delivers a full 500-pound evenly-distributed load capacity. You can easily move up or down to the efficient functionality of a height adjustable worksurface.

  • ESD Options Available

Maximum Load

  •   When Adjusting: 500 lbs.

  •   At Mid Height: 750 lbs.

  •   Fully Lowered: 1,500 lbs.

  •   Fixed Height Bench: 750 lbs.


Standard Lengths: 60"
Standard Depth: 30"
Standard Height: Adjustable 30" to 42"

Workbench Basic Configuration

Optional Accessories

Thanks for submitting the configuration form. Let us evaluate your workbench requirements and we will get back to you with a workbench design and quote 

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